Red Clutch Hose Syndrome, GearstickDoesnotSelfCenter


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Red Clutch Hose Syndrome

Known as red clutch hose syndrome, if you have problems engaging gears when the weather gets hot then read on.

Earlier cars had an problemwith the clutch hydraulic hose. It was made from a red plastic (hence the name) which tends to soften when the weather is hot and the car's cooling system is getting hot. The hose is routed close to the rad pipes in the chassis side members, when these get significantly hot (usually in hot weather and standing traffic) the hose softens and when you press the clutch pedal the hose expands instead of the clutch slave cylinder (bolted onto the gearbox).

How do I tell if I have a red hose fitted instead of the later braided steel hose ?, this picture shows a car fitted with the braided steel hose, A points to the brake master cyliner and B points to the braided steel clutch hose, if your car doesn't look like this and B points to a red plastic hose like this, then you have the dreaded red hose fitted.

Gearstick Does not Self Center

Page about some of the solutions to the problem here.

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