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Although written for MGF owners, the following is an excellent resource on the available induction systems, ITG did not want to be included in their testing which is a shame as their system is arguably the best (but most expensive - so maybe not value for money):

To summarise, the following induction systems were tested:

Panel Filters: Jamex, Ramair, K&N, Standard paper
Cone filters: Ramair, Pipercross PX, K&N 57i, Pipercross Vector

The K&N 57i emerged as the winner. For the full details, and for suppliers, see the link above.

The Hurricane system (available from LotusEcosse in the UK and Yvo in mainland Europe) was not available at the time of the test, it slots in between the K&N and the ITG system, is priced accordingly and has developed a good reputation since this test was performed.

After fitting a new air filter, you should reset the the IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve by pushing the throttle pedal slowly five times (with ignition on and the alarm demobilised).

An excellent guide to fitting a K&N can be found at


If the filter become very dirty or blocked it will affect the performance of you car. A filter cleaning guide can be found at (cleaning instructions also apply to filters other than K&N). It's recommended that induction kits with a cotton filter (K&N / Hurricane) should be cleaned every 5-6k or every 6 months (more so if you drive in dusty environments), instructions as above from the K&N site, or generally:

  • Remove bent hose that connects the filter to the throttle body to give room to work
  • Rremove the jubilee clip and pull out the filter.
  • Brush of any debris - if you have an airline then you can use that to blow out dust/debris; or use a hairdryer on cool setting. Whatever method is used, be careful to avoid damaging the filter.
  • Soak with cleaner for a good 15 mins - use a paintbrush to (carefully) get into all the corners
  • Rinse well from the inside out in clean warm water.
  • If required apply more cleaner and repeat.
  • Wait until dry (place on a raidiater or use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process)
  • Coat in dust retention spray on oil ( Green Cotton Air Filter oil recommended), wipe off any overspray
  • Refit (reverse of removal)

Note: Cleaner solution and oil can be purchased from, or from Halfords - look for the Green Cotton Cleaner kit.Or order online direct from

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