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Windscreen Wipers


The OEM part is prone to smudging the windscreen rather than clearing it. A number of people have replaced the wiper with the Bosch Super 24 - you need to squeeze the middle with pliers to make it fit (or file the lugs away if you're so inclined). It's recommended to lay a cloth or something over the gap between the windscreen and the front clam to catch the retaining pin as it pops out. Wipe the blade before use with meths to clear packaging waxes.

The S2 blade is better than the S1 anyway. A cheaper version is available from Geary at Eliseparts

Thielert also produce a double bladed wiper that is highly recommended.

Mike Knowles: The standard Elise windscreen wiper motor is from the Citroen AX.

Rear Window
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The early Elise has a flat piece of glass for a rear window with a glued-on foam surround, whereas the later 111s model and other variants have a piece of glass with a bonded rubber surround. The later item is tilted differently to produce different night-time reflections from the earlier ones (i.e. to produce a reflection of the dash instead of the mad person reversing into your rear view mirror :-) ).

The earlier style rear windows were notorious for the foam rubber coming away from the glass. This is easily reattached with the use of some adhesive (although make sure it's safe for glass).

The rear window is also an area where rattles can occur. The easiest way of fixing this is to attach foam pads to the metal tabs on the underside of the roll hoop that hold the window in place. Also you can try the same pads on the roll hoop fixings at the sides, as these rattle like buggery too.

Side Windows Height Replacement
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The leaks from the top of the A-pillar when it's raining can be alleviated in one of several ways (sometimes used in conjunction). These are the meticulous fitment of the soft-top, and the adjustment of the side windows.

To fit the soft-top "properly", you will need to get the soft-top perfectly centred by using the tab on the leading edge and lining it up with the gash in the windscreen frame. You will then need to maximise the material at the join between the central plastic strip and the side plastic strips by stretching that material out as wide a possible before fitting the side strips.

To adjust the side windows, you will need to take off the interior door panel and adjust an oval shaped lobe on the window mechanism that adjusts the front/rear height of the window.

The plastic strip at the leading edge of the soft-top sometimes snaps. This does not mean that a new soft-top is needed, as the snapped strip can be worked around.

The later type cant rails came with a spring clip that held them in place when doing up or undoing the roof. Sometimes these can get bent out of shape and result in the cant rail falling onto the car whilst you're trying to do up or undo the roof, resulting in nasty scratches. These clips are a few pence from a Lotus dealer and can be unscrewed from the existing rails easily.

Always try to wind up the side windows with the door open, as this puts less of a strain on the mechanism. It also means that when you subsequently shut the doors the window will have a better seal on the soft/hardtop.

When closing the door with the roof on and the windows up, always run a finger down the soft-top/window seal, making sure that you've not trapped any of the soft-top in the door, as this can lead to leaks.

The side windows are notorious for coming loose from their winder mechanism and sinking into the doors. If this happens, you should remove the door lining and plastic inner bag, and use some window bonding adhesive to glue the window back in place on the runner.

Side Windows Rebonding
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A very common problem with the S1 window mechanism is when the window glass becomes unbonded from it's carrier, and falls into the door or jams.

This guide details the procedure required to replace the window carrier mounts and rebond the window glass.

Rear-view Mirror


This occasionally works loose, but can be easily fixed by tightening the Allen key (don't over tighten or you'll pull the mirror off). If you need to replace the mirror, note that it is not stuck in the centre of the screen but is off-centre by about 4-5 inches (away from the driver).

Side Mirrors


The are from the old Rover Metro/100, and can work loose or droop over time due to the ball joint becoming smooth. A simple fix is to simply roughen it up again with coarse grain sand paper. The mirror glass can be replaced separately - Rover part number CRD10012 (costs about 14).

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