2008 Elise SC & Exige S (240)

Lotus have added a supercharger to Elise, called the Elise SC, although the intercooler in the similar Exige S sits on top of the engine, there’s no room for it in the Elise. Instead, the SC uses a smaller Eaton M45 supercharger with no intercooler. The SC produces 217bhp, enough to push the 903kg Elise to 60mph in 4.4sec, to 100mph in 10.7sec and on to 150mph. The new Elise SC also has a new rear spoiler and alloys, which are half an inch wider at the back than on the standard car.

All 2008 Elises will get airbags as standard across the range, which means a new soft-touch dashboard which includes a new instrument panel. There’s also a new alarm/immobiliser system, with a bespoke key for the first time. Options packs across the Elise range are also now simplified to either a Touring Pack or a Sport Pack. The Touring Pack includes leather trim, carpets and sound insulation; the Sport Pack includes Bilstein sports dampers, traction control, twin oil coolers, sports seats, and sports wheels and tyres. Air-con, traction control and a limited-slip diff continue to be options on all cars.

SC Dashboard

There is also a supercharged Exige S with the option of a Performance Pack, which ups power from 217 to 237bhp, the same as for the limited-edition 240R. You also get upgraded brakes and clutch, plus launch control
combined with variable traction control (as with the 2-11). 0 to 60mph in 4.0 secs / 0-100km/h in 4.2 secs (estimated), and 0 to 100mph in 9.7 secs (estimated). Top speed rises to 153 mph (estimated).

The Elise SC costs £32,550 - £4000 more than the Elise R.
The Exige S costs £34,550, and the Performance Pack another £3000.

Full press release here

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