Useful conversions


  • Enter a value (left) and its units (right) in any row, top or bottom
  • Enter the new units in the other row.

The converted value will be displayed when you hit <enter>.


  • Select unit names from the help area.
    Standard abbreviations are used for SI (except ohm) and other common units.

  • A prefix may be attached to any unit  following the SI convention
    (exceptions: D for deka instead of da and u for micron instead of greek letter mu);
    e.g., 'c' in 'cm' or 'k' in 'kg'.  A list prefixes is given in the beginning of the help area.

  • The units may be combined with '*' (or '.' or '  ') and '/'.
    Everything to the right of '/' is in the denominator.
    Use '^' for entering powers.  Examples: kW*h, m/s, J/K.m, btu/h.ft^2.oF.

  • The program verifies the compatibility of the units.

  • The format of the output values may be changed with the 'digits displayed' text field.

  • Report bugs and missing units to M. Syamlal
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