Road tests

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tg sep 08 evora

Top Gear Sept 2008
Evora review (pdf)

Autocar July 2008 Europa review

Autocar July 2008
Europa review (pdf)

s1 buying guide

Performance Car July 2008
S1 Elise Buying Guide (pdf)

Autocar June 2007
Circuit Car Review (pdf)

Autocar July 2007
Circuit Car road test (pdf)

autocar feb 07

Autocar Feb 2007 (jpg)
Short Models description

classic sep 06 elise

Classic Sept 2006
Elise Model and Buying guide (pdf)

Evo March 2004
Toyota (Federal) Elise (pdf)

Road Rage Jan 2004
SA S1 Exige (pdf)

Evo May 2004
S2 Exige vs S1 Exige (pdf)

Evo Nov 2003
S2 Exige v 360 Stradale v Noble M400 v 911 GT3 RS (pdf)

Autocar August 2003
S2 Exige (pdf)

Evo Nov 2003
S2 Exige (pdf)

Auto Express Winter Special 2003
Toyota Elise Review (pdf)

Daily Telegraph 06 2002
S2 111S Review (pdf)

Cars and Car conversions 2001
Elise Reviews covering history and all models (pdf)

Autocar 2001
Lotus Expose (Clear 340R) &
Terry Playle Interview (pdf)

Evo July 2000

Evo July 2000
The 340R at the Klausen Pass (pdf)

Lotus Staff Magazine 2000
Birmingham motor show
(S2 Elise with Gull wing) (pdf)

Autocar Dec 2000
S2 Elise (K series) v S2000 v VX220 (pdf)

Autocar August 2000
M250 (pdf)

Autocar April 2000
S1 Exige (pdf)

Top Gear Sept 2000
VX220 v S1 Elise 111S v MR2
S1 Exige (pdf)


Official Lotus Club magazine, Vol 2 Issue 3
S1 Exige Review

M250 Write Up (pdf)

160 Write Up (jpg)

EVO May 1999 190

EVO May 1999
Perfromance review of Sport 190 VPHD and NSR supercharged Elise (pdf)

Evo Apr 99 111s

EVO April 1999
Review of the Elise 111S (Sprint) (pdf)

Autocar Dec 1999
340R Review (pdf)

car oct 99 340r

Car Oct 1999
340r Review (pdf)

Evo Mar 99 135
EVO March 1999
Announcement of the Elise Sport 135 details with in-gear timings (jpg)

AutoCar 100 Greatest Road Test Review 1996
S1 Elise (pdf)

CAR 1996
S1 design including interviews (pdf)

Car Sept 96 Spider

Car Sept 1996
"Laps Of Concentration", Lotus Elise v Renault Sport Spider v Ginetta G27 (pdf)

Car Sep 1996

Car Sept 1996
"Blink ... And You'll Miss It". Review of the Lotus Elise (pdf)

Car Oct 96 cat

Car Oct 1996
A review of the Elise S1 verses the Caterham 21 (pdf)


Car Dec 1995
911 Carrera RS test drive on the roads near the Paul Ricard circuit


What Car Oct 1983
Porsche 944 LUX vs Lotus Eclat Excel

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