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A list of popular trackday venues can be found here, and karting venues here

My car events diary is still here (but no longer updated), but road trips are linked from the ROADS pages, and trackdays are linked to the maps above. The more memorable events are listed below.


My 911 Page

pug pugplak

My Pug 205 Page

My Sport 160


If only....

Presentation of the S2 Elise and the M250 in Munich, Dec 2000, VX220 info
Birmingham Motorshow 2000 Lotus Press Pack

Rosso Bianco Collection (Museum), 2001

The Nürburgring
BMW M3 vs Lotus Elise page

Stelvio Or Bust, Sept 2002
Tut Towers, MG Regency Run & Lotus Pilgrimage Trip, May 2002
Grand Tour des Moules, Aug 2001
Munich to Cardiff, July 2000

My Lotus 111S Page

My first roadster car, an MGF VVC
The MGF German Rally - 1999 and 2001
The Mille Miglia - May 1999


My trusty rusty Mini

My first car - A Ford Escort Mark II (slightly remodelled version) here

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