Cookery Favourites

Having lived in Germany and Spain, I assembled a few of my home based favourite recipes, which grew to include local specialities. At first this was just cuttings and bookmarks, but I've tried to collate them here in one place.

My cookery bookmarks are here, and some common fuit and veg suggestions for common ailments can be found here

A guide to chilli's can be found here, and coffee here

A guide to Apple Cider Vinegar can be found here

Some sandwich ideas here

Next will be to sort some kind of database for my collection of recipes....but in the meantime....


Raymond Blanc'S Kitchen Secrets

Kays HARTMANS Recipes





Christmas, Boxing Day and Leftovers

Camping Recipes


Mention here must also be made to Joint Service Publication (JSP) 404 - Manual of Catering Services, which contains many traditional recipes and helpful advice / guidance

For several years, Bon Appetit has run a Food Lovers Cleanse at the start of each year. Here for posterity are the plans for 2012, 2013 & 2014 (in Microsoft Word format, click the year), 2015 (with shopping list (pdf), and 2016

Delicious magazine Healthy Eating Plan here Buzzfeed Detox Diet here.

Lebanese Harvest Dinner

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