Bentley & Geri (or Ben & Geri, in honour of ice-cream - 25th June 2007)

Tempted by our karting friends Sally & Mike, we decided to adopt two of their new kittens. Here are he first pictures of them and a kitty history so far.


Bentley top, Geri right

18/08/2007 Picking up the kitties

The kittens didn't like the car at all (especially Bentley), but eventually settled after I sat in the back with them. When we arrived home and opened the cat carrier door they didn't seem too bothered - but didn't waste time getting out (or maybe it was the smell of fresh food that tempted them out).

Geri seemed a little surprised when she fell in the water bowl and got wet - but otherwise they are quite happy. Even Bentley is purring. Surprisingly Geri is more adventurous, Bentley is a little more cautious, but both got down to the serious business of exploring every nook and cranny - especially under the bed. They seem to think the litter tray is a great game.

They are now all tired out and both kittens (and Harv) are fast asleep on the spare bed (having totally ignored the lovely cat bed we got them).



22/08/2007 Settling in

The kitties get more adventurous every day. Which is a little worrying as we have to keep doing loops of the house at different jump levels to make sure its kitten proof.

They have yet to sleep overnight in the lovely bed we brought them and prefer to sleep under the bed. They seem to think the bed is more of a plaything (although they do occasionally cat nap in it). We got a bed that had sides as we thought that would be nice and snug for them, but they seem to think its great fun for one of them to sit on the roof whilst the other pokes from the inside - eventually the cat on top will fall off (or roll headfirst through the door) and they swap positions.

They also find it a great adventure to chase each other around the table, climbing through the jungle of chairs and legs. I might have to try and stop that though!

We got them a scratch pole with a dangling mouse, at first the mouse was a little out of reach for them, and they didn't quite understand the pole; but now they swat the mouse with great delight. Then Bentley discovered he could climb the pole and sit on the top to swat a confused Geri below (who found it difficult to swat back as he's slightly out of reach). Geri has now discovered she can climb the pole, which seems to have upset Bentley a bit, I think he thought that was his Top Cat seat

I was worried about them not using the litter tray - but if anything we have the opposite problem and they (especially Geri) seem to like playing or sitting in it!


17/10/2007 Growing up

Bentley has put on a growth spurt and is now quite a fatty compared to the nimble and still kittenesque Geri. Now they've had their full vaccines (how much!), they are settling in fine.


The bath seems to have become a favourite play and sleeping place


Or hiding behind doors in order to surprise your victim


It's a love and hate relationship - they just love to fight


Mr Happy certainly makes Bentley happy

This video could be Bentley or Geri... (click here)




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