Mongolian Rack Of Lamb

James Hesser

Four 14-ounce racks of lamb
3 cloves finely minced garlic (more if you like garlic)
1 Tablespoon of chopped ginger (ya gotta use this stuff fresh off the hand powdered gunk won't work)
2 stems chopped green onion
fresh ground pepper and salt to taste (a little bit will do you)
1 Tablespoon brown sugar
4 lumps of preserved bean curd, mashed up
1 ounce of seasoned oil (the stuff in chinese food stores works great)
4-5 ounces of cooking sherry (try to not use the stuff that tastes funny or salty)
1 teaspoon wasabi mustard powder (don't be a wuss with this stuff it builds charachter! a teaspoon no more no less)

OK I better see some ingredients listing on the pasties or there's gonna be no cooking directions for the lamb.
To hell with it I'll type in the directions now while I'm awake

Everything but the lamb gets mixed together. Trim the racks of all the silver and fat you can. Cut little slits between the bones on the bone side.

Rub all the stuff you mixed together on like a marinade, 'cause that's what ya made...marinade. Let that stuff soak in over night (in your refrigirator). Reserve the marinade that runs off the racks for the glaze. (feel free to keep moving the stuff around to keep the pieces soaked in the stuff.

This can get too nasty to do inside unless you have a kitchen range and range hood fan that's really awesome, with a great broiler. {I've made the dish outside in a little firepit and in the neighbor's kick ass brick barbeque. So you can find a way to overcome not having a Vulcan resturant oven in your house too.
Warm up the old seasoned cast iron skillet good and hot. (Bacon drippings are nice but health conscious people will probably use a few drops of oil...I like Castrol R in a 50W).

Sear the racks in the hot skillet meat side down. It's important you don't mess this up if you want it to be juicy.
Flip them over and broil them 7 to 8 minutes, high heat, meat side up. Turn the racks again and give them another 2 minutes or so of broiling meat side down again (yes real chefs never flip meat twice, which is why when a real chef makes it they F*&^ it up and end up with tough nasty food and I get juicy tender food!).
Mix your favorite honey and the left over marinade (I prefer clover honey, but please don't use corn syrup instead of honey that's how Chinese resturants mess this dish up and make it taste ordinary). Put this stuff on as a glaze, you'll likely need a brush.

After you have the racks glazed, blast them so it just carmelizes. Yes it's easier to tell when you're done if you used cornsyrup but honey tastes better so deal with it! This should take about 90 seconds if you are doing it correctly maybe two minutes on the outside. Yes you can kiss the meat with the open flame for this part.
With honey you'll likely need serious heat that the average oven broiler can't give you, oh well. If you want easy go to McDonalds.

When you're done you should have the best tasting Mongolian rack of lamb in the world.
If you don't, well that's your own damn fault.

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