cookNigella's Meatloaf

900g fresh made mince (pre minced tends to be a touch drier)
1 large onion roughly chopped
duck fat or a mix of butter and oil
100g soft bread crumbs
1 egg
worcester sauce
Packet of streaky rindless bacon
3 eggs lightly hard boiled

Gently fry onions in duck fat or a mix of butter and oil, add a pinch of salt to prevent crisping.

Mix egg, worcester sauce & breadcrumbs to mince & mix well before adding the onions. The breadcrumbs bulk up the mixture and soak up the juices.

Place half the mix on tray, make into an oval shape, place hard boiled eggs along centre then place other half on top. Wrap the loaf with the bacon rashers and bake for 40 mins.

Serve with baked potatoes with a blue cheese dressing. Add a dash or worcester sauce, a blob of brown sauce, a splash of cider vinegar and buttermilk to the cheese. Mash together. Add milk to make the dressing the right consistency.


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