My first soft top car :o)

A lovely car when it was running OK, but spoiled by a load of irritating problems including - broken cross-member welds causing highly irritating cracking noise: head gasket failure after 11 months, and then again a week later; petrol smell in cabin (not fixed by dealer after 2 attempts).

The engine used an innovative VVC mechanism, which is explained here

The car was so often back in the garage that I decided that I may as well get a reliable car like a Lotus!

MGF 1.8 VVC Specifications

Length 3910mm
Width 1630mm
Height 1270mm
Wheelbase 2380mm
Track, front: 1400mm, rear: 1410mm
Turning circle: 10.56m
Fuel tank capacity: 50ltr
Cooling system capacity incl. heater: 10.5ltr
Engine oil capacity: 4.5ltr
Transmission fluid: 2.4ltr
Weight, unladen (EC Kerb): 1075kg
Max. permissible weight (GVW): 1320kg
Max. permissible axle load-rear: 740kg
Luggage comp. capacity, VDA: 0.21ltr
Drag coefficient/front area: 0.37/0.65 Cd/Cda
Layout/No. of cylinders/valves: Inline 4/16
Engine management: MEMS
Displacement, effective: 1796cc
Bore/stroke: 80x89.3mm
Compression ratio/fuel grade:1 10.5/95 RON
Max. output: 145/107 Ps/kW @ 7000rpm
Max. torque ft 145/107Nm/lb @ 4500rpm
Battery/location: Ah/- H5 61/Under bonnet
Alternator: 60Amp
Front suspension: Independent suspension/double wishbones Hydragas springs/dampers, f&r anti-roll bars
Rear suspension: Independent suspension/double wishbones
Brakes, front; Ventilated discs 240mm, rear Solid discs 240mm
Steering: Speed sensitive electric power assisted
Type of transmission: 5 speed manual
Transmission ratios
I:1 3.167
II:1 1.842
II:1 1.308
IV:1 1.033
V:1 0.765
R:1 3.000
Final drive ratio: 4.200
1000rpm in top: 20.8mph (33.4kph)
Wheels: 16" Six-Spoke Alloy (Square Spoke)
Tyres: Front 215/40 VR16, Rear 215/40 VR16, spare 175/65 T14
0-60 mph: 7.2secs
0-100 kph: 7.9secs
in 4th gear 30-50mph: 6.5secs
50-70mph: 6.9secs
80-120kph: 8.5secs
Top speed: 130mph (209kph)
EU cycle (93/116/EC):
urban 25.0 (11.3), extra-urban 47.6 (5.9), overall 35.7 (7.9)
CO2: 189g/km

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