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Lotus Esprit 300 Coupe Concept, 1992

The Esprit Sport 300 was introduced at the 1992 Birmingham Motor Show as a stripped out lighter version of the Esprit Turbo. Power was up to over 300bhp and coupled with a weight saving of over 80lbs, the Sport 300 was capable of the dash to 60mph in 4.6sec.

Designed by Julian Thomson, and based on Lotus's IMSA racing X180R, the 300 featured stiffer suspension, a strengthened chassis and provision for a roll cage for those owners who longed for track action. The Sport 300 was joined in 1993 by the Esprit S4 and shortly after the S4S. The range continued until the long overdue 1996 arrival of the Esprit V8.




Body Coupe
2 Door, 2 Seat
Layout Mid Engine,
Rear Drive
Gearbox 5 Speed Manual

Top Speed
165 mph 
0 - 60 mph
4.6 sec 
0 - 100 mph
11.7 sec 
30 - 70 mph
4.5 sec 
Cylinders 4 Turbo 
133 in3 
Max Power
302 bhp @6400rpm 
Max Torque
287 lb/ft @rpm 
Power to Weight
235 bhp/ton 
Torque to Weight
224 lbft/ton 
Specific Output 139 bhp/litre 
172 in 
74 in 
45.3 in 
2875 lbs 

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