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German Auto Union - Wanderer
W 25 K Roadster
6-Zylinder Reihen-Frontmotor mit Kompressor
1949 ccm, 85PS, top speed 145 km/h
ROBIC-Nr 129

In 1932, four German car companies formed the Auto Union. The four interlocking circles that today symolise Audi represents the four German automotive companies that formed the Auto Union in 1932 - Audi, Dampf-Kraft-Wagen (German: steam-driven car - DKW), Horch, and Wanderer. Audi and Horch automobiles were expensive and competed with Mercedes and Maybach. DKW constructed economy cars, and were intended for the working class. The Wanderer cars were built for those in the middle class, or those who wanted an excellent automobile for the money. Between 1936 and 1938, the Auto Union built a total of 259 Wanderer W 25 K models in the roadster and cabriolet versions.

Ferdinand Porsche designed a straight six cylinder engine for Wanderer, and the supercharged engine in the W25K. Wilhelm Benz.designed the body. The modern, American-influenced styling was derived from the Wanderer W 51, the modern lines of which were to act as a starting point for the entire Auto Union model range. See also


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