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Lotus 23B, 1962
4-Zylinder Reihen-Mittelmotor
1572 ccm, 120PS
Robic Nr 81

The Lotus 23 was designed by Colin Chapman as a small-displacement sports racing car. Nominally a two-seater (to comply with formula rules), it was a purpose-built for racing with a driver alone. The 23 used a wider version of the Lotus 20 space frame, with the same suspension, clothed in a fibreglass body. Originally intended for engines of 750 cc to 1300 cc (45-80ci), the revised 23B had stronger chassis tubes to take the torque of Ford-based 1.5/1.6 litre Lotus Twincam power plants.


Sold at auction after the museum closed, see here for details



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