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Lotus Mk 10, 1955
Reihen-6-Zylinder-Frontmotor (Bristol OHV engine)
1971ccm, 120 PS @  6000

In 1954, Chapman brought aerodynamics to racing with Frank Costin, aeronautical aerodynamics engineer with De Havilland Aircraft Company. The Mk 8 used a MG 1467cc engine. Customer Mike Anthony wanted a Mk8 capable of running a 2 litre six cylinder Bristol engine. The Mk 10 used Dunlop disc brakes front and rear with an aerodynamic low drag body. See also

This particular car began life as the rare Lotus-Connaught Mark X to which owner Mike Young fitted headlights to enable him to drive it on the road from London to Sicily to compete in the 1955 Targa Florio classic - it was raced with Connaught and Bristol engines.

Sold at auction after the museum closed, details here


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