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Abarth - Alfa Bertone Colani, 1959
998 ccm, 112 PS
Robic Nr. 6

This car was discovered on a scrap yard and has been entirely restored.

In 1958, Abarth decided to build a Berlinetta that would be unbeatable in the category 850/1000,
he drew on the help of Bertone for the styling, and Giulietta for the mechanics (the fact that its capacity is reduced to 1000 cc).

There was an article about the Alfa-Abarth 1000 in "Het Klaverblaadje" #68. Ben Hendricks wrote indeed that all Alfa-Abarth cars (he talks about two or three 1000cc cars) were crashed while testing. There were tests on the Avus and Monza circuits. The wreck (or the wrecks of two crashed cars) came to the local Alfa dealer in Berlin who later sold all remains to Luigi Colani who then designed a new body for the car.

The original Alfa Romeo GT car, from which this was derived and that was developed in 1956, was the first vehicle to beat the 10 minute record at the Nuerburgring.
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This car was put up for auction when the museum closed, details here - but went unsold as the paperwork was not all complete. Despite pictures of it in Paris, the car is in the Louwman collection in Holland.




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