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Lola T260 Can-Am 71
Chevriolet V8 Zylinder, Mittelmotor
8128ccm, 760PS
Robic Nr 75

A Lola CanAm driven by Jackie Stewart, this car was Lolas response toMcLarens succesful car (although Jackie Stewart famously compared his L&M Lola T260 to a pregnant elephant).

Only 2 models of this racing car for group 7 have been built. Chassis T260-HU02 was back-up car for Carl Haas/L&M and Jackie Stewart in the 1972 Can-Am racing program; it competed in the 1972 Can-Am by Tom Heyser and Reine Wisell and 1974 season by John Gunn.

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This car was sold at auction when the museum closed, see here for details.
It sold again in 2009 at auction, see here for details


In order to improve grip at the front, the car was later fitted with a "cow-catcher" front wing


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