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Veritas RS, 1948
Reihen 6-Zylinder Frontmotor
1971ccm 120 PS
Robic Nr 198

Veritas was founded in1948 by former employee at BMW. They concentrated on building sport cars on the basis of BMW 328. Veritas started to use components from different sources, like Dyna Panhard, and were involved in developing engines with Heinkel. This resulted in no customer trust and the company was forced to close 1950. This car is a typical Veritas car with body by Bauer from Stuttgart.

The Veritas RS was based on a very light combined tube section/spaceframe chassis of only 36kg, covered by all-enveloping streamlined bodywork (which gave the car its "bathtub" nickname). Available either in 2 or 1.5-litre form.

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