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Maserati A6 GCS, 1953
1986 ccm, 160 PS bei 7500/min
Robic Nr. 168

The Maserati A6GCS was the Modenese company’s front line weapon in sports car racing
In addition to the A6 GCS spider, there were four Coupès built with Pininfarina coachwork during 1954 for Guglielmo Dei.
The last car is the chassis n°2060 which had its original body removed and was spider built (Fiandri Coachwork). At some point the unused coupè body was fitted to chassis 2089 for Francesco Giardini of Ferrara. He had crashed his barchetta and had acquired the old coupè body from Dei at scuderia Centro Sud. This combination was sold to America and restored in 1970s by Boris Subbotin, an electrical engineer from Tarzana, California. Road & Track featured the finished car in its salon series in March 1980. The body has a rectangular grille, bumpers, stacked tail lights, side vents with flashy chrome trim and a midified interior. This car made it to the Rosso Bianco collection.

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