Lotus Extreme

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Lotus Extreme Proposed Technical Specification

Extreme (rear3-4)

Dimensions: Length: 3.5m-3.7m
Wheelbase: approx 2.5m
Max width: approx 1 .8m
Cabin width: approx 1 .3m
Ground Clearance: 100mm-300mm
Power source: Total hp 120hp comprising
Two-stroke 700cc motorcycle engine 100hp
Electric engine 20hp
6 speed sequential gearbox (reverse will be through the electric motor)
Total weight: 450kg
Hp/ton 266
Mpg 110
Top speed 150mph
0-60mph approx 5 seconds
Power supply: Compressed natural gas tank 25 litres
Battery 25kg nickel-metal hybrid
Hydraulic compressor for suspension
Chassis: bonded aluminium 
Main body: sandwich construction with un-directional rowing of epoxy resin 
Suspension:  double wishbone back and front in carbon/sandwich construction, semi active hydraulic suspension
Wheels: Motorcycle tyres
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